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Here are just a few of the great features about the Cash Back Rewards Customer Acquisition and Retention Platform

You will be amazed at how this Platform will open your eyes to a new approach to reducing your cost of
acquisition and growing more revenue with less effort.



Mobile friendly design

We have entered a new age of internet usage—specifically, mobile internet usage. Consumers turn to their mobile devices not just to text, social network, and get directions; they are using them to optimize their lives. We have revolutionized QR Technoplogy to simplify cash back rewards and the mobile shopping experience. Learn More


Instant Cash Back Rewards Design

Unlike most points based loyalty programs that may increase sales 5% to 10%, I Spot Rewards shows business owners how to issue instant cash back rewards which is simpler and proven to increase sales and profits upwards of 30% to 40% and triggers to encourage repeat business. Learn More


Customer Database

Virtually every other loyalty program solution in the market requires you to actually collect and input the data. We handle this tedious and time consuming process for you with one touch technology. We have people on staff whose sole job is to assist YOUR customers or clients to activate and update their data when needed. Learn More


Gift card and Cash Back Rewards on the Same Platform

The gift card and Cash Back Rewards application can be run on the same rewards platform.

Combining multiple applications on the same platform saves money while adding more convenience and features for consumers. Learn More


Proprietary Fundraising Module

I Spot Cash Back Rewards offers the only fundraising solution of its kind with complete accounting transparency designed to move your rewards marketing OUTSIDE the walls of your business. Learn More


We Provide A Complete Incentivized Affiliate Sales Network

Incentivized marketing can boost traffic to your business, grow your customer base at little to no cost. Learn More


Get More New Customers or Clients

Our Customer Acquisition and Retention Platform will get you more new customers or clients all while Reducing your cost of acquisition Increasing your customer lifetime value and reducing or totally Eliminating the high cost of marketing. Learn More


Get Past Customers or Clients Back

Get your past Customers or Clients back and get them to spend more on each visit. Build Loyalty, Customer Retention, stop Discounting and get full retail for your products and services. Learn More

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A Rewards Loyalty Solution could make
a significant difference in your business

A Rewards Loyalty Solution to reduce your
cost of acquisition and grow your revenue



Here are just some of the Bonuses Included. Click the learn more to see how each bonus works for your business

1. I Spot Rewards and Incentive Training

Webigo and I spot Rewards hosts one of the largest business development and consulting communities online in addition to providing educational training products and services to understand how Rewards can grow your business and how to use incentives rather than discounts. A complete video module on Rewards and Incentives Learn More

2. Searchable Listings and why is it important to have a searchable listing

Online business directory listings offer major benefits to businesses regardless if they are a brick and mortar or an online business, but they’re no longer just “nice to have”. With the hundreds of online listing directories today, they’re a must have. Click here to learn why.

3. In First position for search on the Rewards Directory

Our research has shown that listings on the top of search results can get 42% of the traffic; the second gets 11% and third gets 8% of the traffic but what is probably more important is that having a listing at all is far better than not. Learn More

4. Your Business can post 3 incentives per month

According to Wikipedia An incentive is a contingent motivator. Traditional incentives are extrinsic motivators which reward actions to yield a desired outcome. In each of our directory platforms we offer an opportunity to use coupons or what we call incentives to drive more traffic.Learn More

5. Instant Cash Back Rewards Design

Instant Cash Back Rewards Design can boost your traffic, loyalty and return visits more than anyother marketing process. Cash back rewards are enticing, and they can help consumers save on purchases and are an affordable way to build loyalty and grow a businesses customer base without discounting. Learn More

6. We Link to your Website

Without other websites linking to your business’s website, there’s is little to no chance that it will rank highly for any of your chosen keywords Click here to Learn More.

7. Immediate Paperless Redemption

I Spot Rewards utilizes a completely paperless redemption process offering consumers the ability to redeem earned rewards immediately by presenting their mobile device at checkout without waiting for redemption certificates to come in the mail or long awaited deposits to an account. Learn More

8. Your Free Featured Listing on the I Spot Rewards Auction

As a Business Directory Member, you will receive a Free Top Featured listing on the I Spot Rewards Auction which has become very popular simply because of the price and exposure the site has offered. Learn More

9. We Brand Your Business by Listing on Pinterest

Pinterest is a big deal. If you’ve spent any time on there, you understand the draw. The many images can be mesmerizing, and people find that they spend a significant amount of time surfing through all the posts. .Learn More

10. Your I Spot Rewards Dedicated Account Specialist works directly with you to help grow your business

Just think of our Account Specialists as your friend on the inside -- someone who has your back and will provide the best possible Marketing and Business Development Services. Click here to learn More.

11. The Webigo Newsletter is designed to engage and nurture our Business Directory Members

The Webigo Monthly Newsletter is designed to engage and nurture our Business Directory Members and provide content that will address the problems or questions of building and growing a successful business. Learn More

12. We show you how to get more Customer Reviews and Positive Ratings

Generate New Reviews, Strengthen Your Reputation, Get More Customers! Get More Google Reviews. Online reviews are today’s word of mouth marketing, and they can make or break your business. Learn More.

13. We Build your Customer Database

Knowing your customer base is a crucial component of a successful business. A customer database is a collection of information about all the customers that have made a connection with your business. It is the most powerful tool at your disposal. Learn More

14. We provide two built in Blog Features

Webigo Business Directory has a built in blog feature? Not just update posts (or micro-blogging as social media posts are sometimes known as), but full on blog functionality with the ability to format, add images in the header and within your text, hyperlinks, and a like/comment/share feature. Learn More.

15. The Rewards Social Network

The Rewards Social Network is a private network like facebook but designed just for Webigo and the I Spot Rewards Platform Members Learn More

16. Push Notifications for Your Offers on I Spot Rewards

Listing your most recent offers on I Spot Rewards drives traffic with Push Notifications. Customers want to feel like they’re valued. What better way to market your business than with benefits that give customers the “VIP” status they seek? Click here to Learn More.

17. Get a Comprehensive Business Review and Why it's vital to review the progress of your business

It's easy to focus only on the day-to-day running of your business, especially in the early stages. But once you're up and running, it can pay dividends to think about longer-term and more strategic planning. Learn More

18. Generate the Most Advanced SEO, Google My Business and Facebook Reports to grow your business:

We will generate detailed reports that shows how your business can improve your SEO marketing, Google My Business, and Fanpage Reports that are easy to understand.. We will also generate a detailed report that shows how your business can improve your marketing. Click here to Learn More.


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