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The facts are clear loyal customers represent 20% of a company’s shoppers but that 20% also represents about 80% of a company’s revenue and nearly ¾ of total visits to a business.


Over a lifetime, loyal customers will spend 10 times more than average customers and the cost to keep a customer as we all know is far less than the cost to acquire a new one.

Business Consulting and Rewards

Webigo Small Business Development consulting can give business owners advice on strategy, problem solving, and developing skills. We also provide resources that lay out a plan to improve an organization's performance.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is the foundation of every digital marketing strategy today and that is because it’s the best way to nurture a connection with your customers.

Consumer Database Development





The building of a customer database is priceless and gives the merchant valuable customer data they can use to communicate specials, increase frequency, and more without paying for expensive media.



You may have found that growing your business, finding a regular source of new customers or clients and getting those customers or clients to return more often to be a daunting task. Is brainstorming ideas, creating an endless stream of content posting all over social media with the hope of building a reliable source of daily prospects, customers or clients a losing proposition? Do you want a new approach that brings your business more new customers, gets your previous customers to return more often and gets them all spending more on each visit? (View a better solution.)