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Webigo Business Development platform provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with the mentorship, resources. network and environment, they need to launch, fund and grow their business .

How Important is Your Listing Position?

Our research has shown that listings on the top of search results can get 42% of the traffic; the second gets 11% and third gets 8% of the traffic but what is probably more important is that having a listing at all is far better than not.

So, it clearly indicates why your websites needs to be on top of the search feature. Being on a top search results page does not only boost your business, it makes your business more authentic as well.

It is proven that web visitors think the first few listings on the result pages is more authentic in their relevant industry. It is basically a psychological game that gives you the advantage. So, whether yours is a large business or a small local business, a top listing can increase the authenticity of your business.

When you put your business on a business directory, you aren't simply providing your address and phone number anymore, you are increasing your overall visibility and letting people instantly engage with your business as well.

On the Webigo Business Directory there is a very interactive and social experience served up that supplies a business description, map location & directions, operating hours, website & social media links, photos & videos, ratings and reviews from previous customers, and more.

Regardless of your listing position, appearing on the map that displays upon searching is one of the most important of these results. When someone needs information NOW, they reach for their smart phone that is pre-loaded with mobile apps like GPS, Google Maps which pulls in all the local business information.

The consumer reviews that are integrated are another extremely important factor in how your business is being presented. Your customers now have an extra channel for determining your reputation. It is critical to not only make certain the listed contact information is accurate and consistent but to also monitor feedback and gather positive reviews. Maximizing your exposure on the Webigo Business Directory will guarantee that your business is at their fingertips.

A Webigo Cash Back Rewards listing can have immense benefits. Review the rest of the many features of a Webigo Cash Back Rewards Business Listing and get started today with creating, claiming, and updating your listing today.