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Why should you list your business on a business directory?

There are two main benefits…

The first is that it gives your business increased visibility.

Search engines love well built and well managed business directories because they index businesses by category and geography.

Google search holds many of these sites in high regard, so when you're listed on good local directory websites, your business will quickly receive a dramatic boost in search rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO), the hunt for the top results on Google for the search terms relevant to your business, is a tricky discipline that's constantly evolving. But listing on local directories remains one of the SEO tactics that's easiest and offers the most impact.

When you list your business you increase the chances and the number of ways that potential customers can discover your business. Especially those looking for local businesses.

The second is that it increases your online authority.

And it does that in two ways. First, by association because when potential customers see your business in the directory it gives them proof that you are a legitimate business. Not a fly-by-night.

Business directory listings have become a key part of your online identity or footprint.

The other way in which it boosts your authority is by the value the search engines place on the links from the business directory back to your own website. Having these ‘back links' as they are called, will move your website higher up the search rankings.

But those are not the only two benefits you'll get. Here's more:

  • Unlike website management these listings are exceptionally easy to create and manage. And they don't require any special skills. Making it a time efficient way to boost your online identity.
  • Compared to a website they are exceptionally cost effective. And many small businesses prefer them over having the capital outlay and monthly maintenance costs associated with a website.
  • They boost your reach considerably by making you visible to large numbers of people searching for local businesses. Especially those that use mobile devices.
  • Security is better because Directories must secure all their information and data with up to date technologies.


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