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A digital publishing platform simply put is a tool to easily publish your content digitally. In today's society, consumers want immediate access to the things they need and enjoy. This includes digital media.

At the time that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were making their mark on the internet, news outlets like Huffington Post were paving a new path. Today, publishers are fighting to stay relevant as they learn to adapt.

Print Media is Becoming Extinct

In the future, shoppers may no longer have the option of thumbing through magazines while standing in the check-out line. They may also lose the option of having newspapers and magazines delivered to their homes.

Things we may take for granted today could be replaced with media delivered via digital publishing platforms. You may have already noticed those metal pay boxes containing the daily paper slowly finding their way to recycle centers.

It is eerily reminiscent of how cell phones made public pay-phones extinct. Now digital offerings are overtaking newspapers.

Create Interactive Ads for Advertisers

With print media you're pretty limited when it comes to advertisements. The advertiser gives you an ad that may have a coupon attached. He then waits and hopes that the customer saw the ad and took the time to cut out the coupon before discarding the print media.

With a digital publishing platform, advertisements become interactive. It doesn't cost you more to insert the ad multiple times. Consumers now have the option to click links that take them to the advertiser's website.

You can also create downloadable coupons that can be scanned from their smart devices when they reach the check-out line.

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