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Area Director Position

Area directors oversee the operations of the company in a particular area. They manage the company's presence in their assigned area. Area directors come up with strategies so that their area meets company goals. They manage the company's performance in their area, from sales to marketing to finance to human resources. Area directors are expected to have in-depth knowledge of the situation and the context in the area they handle. They should be able to identify strengths and areas for improvement in their area. As such, they would be able to capitalize on their strengths and address their areas for improvement. Overall, area directors are responsible for the fulfillment of the company's vision in their area.

The Area Director of Sales is responsible for direction and strategy in areas of overall account management, business generation, prospecting for the area sales team in the market. This position leads the team to achieve assigned revenue goals as well as, being responsible for developing and maintaining key accounts in the market. This position will develop and manage all stakeholder relationships, both internal and external and select, manage, and proactively develop the area sales team..

Some of the Area Director Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from Webigo Area Director representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.
*Manage all aspects of the selling process such as ROI, quotes, budgetary approval and demos.
*Lead operations for contract success
*Establish and manage the regional office and provide educational services to the sales and account specialist departments.
*Provide administrative oversight for area operations.
*Launch CRM application oversight, while transitioning revenue streams across new product platforms.
*Work with our CRM software to build a tool base upon the habits of top performers.
*Assist in preparing and submitting of proposals and other offers and other competitive opportunities.
*Develop specialty programs that increase revenue year-over-year.
*Maintain department budget and payroll to ensure regulatory compliance.
*Administer weekly budgets, conduct sales/business forecasting, and report on payroll or other business data.
*Provide oversight at senior management level and hold leadership responsibilities for development and implementation of safety and loss-prevention programs.
*Participate in Webigo projects in order to identify process changes that increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Company.
*Must be able to convey information and ideas clearly, both oral and written.
*Must work well in stressful, high-pressure situations.
*Must be able to evaluate and select among alternative courses of action quickly and accurately.
*Must be effective in handling problems in the workplace, including anticipating, preventing, identifying and solving problems as necessary.
*Must be effective at listening to, understanding and clarifying concerns and issues raised by team members and clients.
*Must have the ability to assimilate complex information, data, etc. from disparate sources and consider adjust or modify to meet the constraints of a particular need.
*Must be able to prioritize departmental functions to meet due dates and deadlines.
*Must be able to work with and understand financial information and data, and basic arithmetic functions.
*Approach all encounters with clients and team members in a friendly, service-oriented manner.
*Regular attendance is required in compliance with Webigo standards, as required by scheduling, which will vary according to the needs of the area.
*Comply at all times with Webigo standards and regulations to encourage safe and efficient business operations.
*Must, at all times, be attentive, friendly, helpful and courteous to all clients and customers, managers, and other team members.
*Direct the activities of the Webigo sales team, providing leadership and motivation necessary to implement effective sales and marketing strategies and to maximize the generation of Webigo sales/revenues.
*Develop and manage the departmental budget and monitor sales activities/performance to ensure actual sales meet or exceed established revenue plan and to accurately report variances/projections.
*Direct the scheduling of client training and program activities on the Webigo Network and coordinates with other Webigo-level departments to facilitate services agreed upon by the sales office and prospective clients.
*Develop Webigo-level tactical sales and marketing plans to support overall system-wide sales plans/strategies and programs.
*Develop and maintain good relationships with officials and representatives of local community groups and companies, and attend out-of-town conventions to generate convention and group business.
*Assist General Manager in the development and update of the Webigo-level business plan to include input on sales goals and plans that support the overall business and sales strategies of the company. Maintain an effective business plan.
*Develop the revenue portion of the area budget.
*Recruit, hire, train, and provide career development for all sales personnel; conduct performance evaluations and provide feedback to employees using company hiring standards and guidelines.
*Follow company policies and procedures and effectively communicate them to subordinates.
*Ensure Webigo is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, including OSHA, EEOC, Wage Hour and Health laws.
*Operate the Sales Department within established sales expense budget.
*Monitor production of all top accounts and evaluates trends within the market and ensures that the Sales Team is held accountable for those accounts within their respective territories.
*Coordinate all sales and client solicitations to maximize overall profits.
*Assist in the preparation of required reports in a timely manner.
*Conduct weekly sales meetings according to Webigo standards.
*Is familiar with all Webigo Sales policies and selling techniques with an emphasis on maximizing area growth, and client fulfillment revenues goals.
*Conduct a professional, thorough client evaluation of the growth potential with clients, exhibiting key features and benefits of the Webigo programs, and ensure that all Sales Managers conduct thorough client success fulfillment.
*Monitor the Sales incentive plans and ensures that Sales staff can explain their potential client earnings and benefits, and assist in ensuring that incentives are processed and paid according to the specified time period for each plan.
*Coordinate preparation of the annual Marketing Plan.
*Coordinate and direct preparation of the monthly revenue reforecast for the current and upcoming months and assist in ensuring accuracy within 5% margin of error.
*Abide by Webigo Selling program and ensures that the Sales Team does the same.
*Perform other duties as requested by management.
*Attend and/or conduct all training/meetings as required by management.
Education & Experience:
*Proven operations financial knowledge required.
*Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Sales related computer programs required.
*College Degree preferred
*Minimum of 3 years in Business Development Sales and Marketing.
*Business Management related work experience preferred.
*Valid Driver’s License from appropriate state and MVR in good standing.
*Previous experience in drafting and completing executive plans.
*Proven record of meeting or exceeding sales /team development goals.

Required Competencies:

*Good communication skills, verbal and written
*Possess computer skills, including, but not limited to use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
*Attention to detail
*Planning and organizational ability


Organizational Structure

*Reports to: Vice President of Sales & Marketing


To Apply

Please respond with your experience and a way for us to reach you to discuss the position in more detail and to learn more about you. Please email us at support@webigo.com and use Area Directory in the subject line.