Webigo Rewards

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Marketing That Just isn't Working!

Introducing A Bold New Approach To Getting New Customers or Clients. Get Them to Come Back More Often and Get Them to Spend More on Each Visit

What is your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

How do you get your customers? What kind of marketing are you using to acquire new customers?

How do you get your customers or clients to come back? How much do they typically spend on each visit? Do you know their lifetime value?

What do you know about your customers? Do you know their email address or their mobile phone number?

How do you currently get information from your customers? What do you do with the data you do collect?

Do you find that Customer Acquisition is getting more expensive?

Are you seeing Revenues declining due to growing competition?


What most business owners are doing today to bring in new business.

How they are getting customers or clients back?

Why it is so costly and time consuming?

Why it isn't working and what is a better alternative?


This business model is generating millions for local business owners.

This is not new, it has been around for a number of years.

We are talking about Member Centric e-commerce and the Webigo cash back Rewards business model .

Credit card companies and airline companies, Amazon, Netflix are just a few that have been using this business model with great success for years.

But some of the biggest cash back companies like Rakuten, Ebates or Befrugal may be doing it all wrong,

The first thing we tell business owners is to stop using discounting.

Discounting is lazy marketing and only conditions customers to think discount. There is no advantage to giving up your bottom line to get a customer or client if you don't have to.

This is why Rewards Marketing done properly will never go out of fashion. It's the world's most effective method for growing your business.


There Are A Number Of Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

Covid #19 We all know that the Covid Virus and the stressed economy has impacted businesses all over the country

Marketing can be complicated, there are many different opinions on what works best and what is affordable right now.

Relying on outdated expensive processes that just don't work anymore due to today's economic conditions.


Discounting Could Be Killing Your Business

Why You Should Never Discount Your Products and Services, What You Can Do Instead.

Webigo Rewards gives you access to thousands of consumers in your town and across North America. You will be able to post exclusive offers and special incentives without discounting your products and services everyday. You will find that you can easily grow your business with new customers, get old customers back and get them all spending more on each visit with Rewards.

Designed by experts who have years of experience in business development and rewards marketing and who understand the problems that you face when trying to grow your business.

Here are just 4 Incredible Business Building Features That You Won't Find In Any Other Business Development or Rewards Program.

Instant Cash Back Rewards Design

Unlike most points based loyalty programs that may increase sales 5% to 10%, Webigo Rewards issues instant cash back rewards which is simpler and proven to increase sales and profits upwards of 30% to 40% per month and a trigger to encourage repeat business.


Customer Database Outsourcing

Virtually every other loyalty program solution in the market requires you to actually collect and input the data. We handle this tedious and time consuming process for you and treat your customers with personal attention. We have people on staff whose sole job is to assist YOUR customers or clients to activate and update their data when needed.


Gift and Rewards on the Same Platform

The gift and rewards application can be run on the same rewards platform. Combining multiple applications on the same platform saves money while adding more convenience and features for consumers.


Proprietary Fundraising Module

Webigo Rewards offers the only fundraising solution of its kind with complete accounting transparency designed to move your rewards marketing OUTSIDE the walls of your business.


Let’s See First Hand The Instant Difference It Makes When You Use The most advanced Rewards Platform & Techniques

That’s Not All, Webigo and the Webigo Rewards Platform Is the most comprehensive Business Development platform on the Internet today and here is why.